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Our Team

At the Airedale Allergy Centre, our Administrator, Donna Paxford is available to help with any problems, queries or bookings 9.00 to 5.00pm every weekday, apart from Wednesdays, when the Clinic is closed.

We have one experienced registered Allergy Nurse, who perform intradermal skin testing (for neutralisation) and carries out the administration of IV treatments. Another experienced nurse is also helping our patients with intra-dermal tests and iv treatments, at busier times. 

Dr Apelles Econs MRCS, LRCP

Medical Director

Dr Econs studied Medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, where he graduated in 1976. After working in a number of hospital posts, he entered NHS general practice, where he spent 22 years as a principal, also operating as a part-time allergy specialist since 1992. He has a wide ranging experience with management of dietary problems, the treatment of intestinal parasites, the use of oral and intravenous nutrition, dealing with chemically sensitive people and the use of all the modern methods of immunotherapy including the Enzyme Potentiated method (EPD), the Low-dose method (LDI) and the more “conventional” sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT).


Associate Consultant

Dr Care graduated at Leeds University Medical School in 1989. She is an experienced GP having worked in Huddersfield for over 20 years.

Her interest in Allergy and Environmental Medicine started after having some personal health problems which were not solved with conventional medical methods of investigations and treatment. With the help of a colleague/specialist in this field, she recovered and decided to know more about the methods of diagnosis and treatment used in this approach to medical conditions, which is focused on finding and dealing with the very factors causing ill health; she started her training and adopted similar methods in her own NHS practice, sometimes, with spectacular results. She has trained in Allergy and environmental influences on human health and has been a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine since 2012. This is a medical society, dedicated in the promotion of these principles amongst the medical profession and their use for the benefit of patients.

Dr Care is available for consultations at the Airedale Allergy Centre, on Thursdays.



Donna’s role in the Airedale Allergy Centre is to provide administrative support to the doctors and nurses, making sure all aspects of the clinic run like clockwork and with the height of efficiency.

Donna worked for 20 years for the NHS in contraception and sexual health, so her experience with patients, knowing how important it is to show empathy and understanding when patients have concerns about their health, is an asset we appreciate in our clinics.


Allergy Nurse

Ky is one of our nurses at Airedale Allergy Centre. Many of our patients are fond of Ky as she shows empathy and understanding for the many issues related to suffering with allergies and intolerances. That is particularly true as she has had personal experience of following and enjoying the benefits of the dietary advice offered at the clinic.

Her past experience has been as a nurse and staff nurse in hospital medicine and as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company, as well as 5 years as a practice nurse in a GP practice. Ky has been with Allergy Medical UK since 2009 and says, "I have seen many patients benefit from the specialist knowledge of Dr. Econs".


Communications / Marketing Director

Hazel, as head of Finance and Personnel, has experience as a Practice Manager in both the NHS and private care since 1992. Her experience across a demanding range of business disciplines, underpins the administration of all the clinics within Allergy Medical UK.

Hazel's accountabilities include the management of cash flow and company resource planning, ensuring that capital investment matches the ever increasing demands of health care regulators, with the practical daily requirements of staff and patients. In addition, she monitors the demands of the centre's clinicians and doctors who rightly expect the highest standards.

Hazel vigorously exercises commitment to employee satisfaction and loyalty, qualities amply demonstrated by the long service records of staff members. They in turn, respect the high standards Hazel demands, recognising that her authority is well founded on personal experience and hard won reputation. Nurturing the well being of everyone is a refined art that requires both empathy and firmness for which Hazel is well known.