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Examining the facts on a wide range of health conditions, begins here. We help you identify differing symptoms and how they may be linked with the main underlying cause(s). Understanding the numerous causes of a symptom is the first step towards the most effective form of treatment. Controlling the symptoms with medications does not offer a "cure" because it only suppresses the underlying mechanism(s), as in the case of anti-histamines for hay fever or pain killers for a painful joint. Isolating the cause, avoiding it and, if necessary "switching it off", brings the best long term benefits. As the American physician Dr Doris Rapp MD put it: "when you get a nail in your foot, you don't put a bandage on it...."

  • Allergies - Anaphylaxis - Mast Cell Activation

    One in three people in the UK has, or will, suffer with an allergy sometime in their life. Our aim is to identify the allergen that causes the allergic symptoms, this can then be avoided or treated with safe methods of desensitisation, in order to give lasting relief.
  • “Auto-immune” or just "Immune" Disease?

    Although the popular belief is that the cause of a symptom can be located accurately by investigating the system affected, many people (and doctors) are often oblivious to the connections with the immune system.