Allergy Testing & Treatments

The human frame is a complex system of integrated organs, designed to function in a wide variety of environments.  It should be of little surprise therefore, that we react differently to similar stimuli, some in a healthy predictable way, others in an uncomfortable or even life threatening manner. Some causes of adverse reactions are referred to as allergies, but others to food intolerance.  We at Allergy Medical UK, are dedicated to investing time with every individual, to question and listen, examine and consider, recommend and then apply a tailor-made course of treatment for each patient.

Intradermal tests




Blood tests

Used to identify inhalant and food allergies, guidance in identifying food intolerances and ear-marking nutritional deficiencies.


Dietary Tests

Elimination & Challenge the most effective way to identify food reactivities and intolerances.


Other Allergy Tests

Explanation of alternative allergy tests available on the market


Skin Tests

A variety of tests to identify inhalant and food allergies as well as contact allergies to chemical agents.


Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation

Treatment of allergies to inhalants, food or chemicals where simple measures of avoidance are impossible or extremely difficult.


Neutralisation (End Point Titration)

Method of desensitisation which blocks immune reactions to foods, inhalants or environmental chemicals.


Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

Desensitisation for inhalant allergies, hay fever, cat allergy, dog allergy, house dust mites


Vitamin & Mineral Tests and Supplements

Vitamins and minerals to support the body chemistry and to prevent ill-health