Treatment Options

We treat patients at our three clinics with the most appropriate treatment as advised by Dr. Econs. The validity of the forms of immumotherapy we use has been proven repeatedly in placebo-controlled trials. In our clinics we are helping many people every year to enjoy their spring and summer. The options are:

a) Two doses of the Enzyme Potentiated Desensitisation (EPD) to be given about 8 weeks apart (February and April or March and May).

b) Neutralisation consists of sub-lingual drops which have to be taken 2-3 times daily throughout the pollen season and require intra-dermal (skin) tests and the drops.

c) One of the modern methods of sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT) which require 1 tablet or a few drops under the tongue daily, both for 6 months.

d) Pollinex: 4 - 5 injections given pre-seasonally, 1 per week.

Option (c) above is expected to deliver a long lasting remission, after a 3 years' course; the EPD and/or Neutralisation (a & b above) require booster doses after the first 2-3 years treatment.

Any of the above should offer a good allergy prevention during the first year and minimal or no use of antihistamines. Methods (a) and (d) are the treatments which need to be taken before the summer.

This real life experience of successful Hay Fever treatment is one of many from our collection of satisfied clients. Read about Sam Pearce's progress to freedom from the annual terrors of pollen under the care of Dr A Econs, as recorded in the Woman&Home magazine June '07.

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