It is estimated that one in three people in the UK currently has, or will, suffer with an allergy sometime in their life and we know that number is increasing every year.  There can be a number of common causes which produce a variety of allergic symptoms.   These allergies include foods such as peanut, seafood, egg; inhalant allergies from house dust mites, grass pollens or moulds; contact allergies i.e. latex, chemicals, cosmetics as well as allergies to pets and insect bite allergies.  Our aim is to identify the allergen, thus confirming exactly what merits careful avoidance, or treat the cause with safe methods of desensitisation, in order to give lasting relief. 


Hay Fever pollen

Types of Allergies


Anaphylaxis (Nut Allergy)

Potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.



Acute swelling affecting eyes and lips, maybe linked with urticaria.


Asthma Symptoms & Treatment

Often allergy to dust mites, moulds pollens, animals or foods.


Eczema Symptoms & Treatment

Not just a simple allergy to dust, house dust mites, pets or moulds.


Hay Fever

Hay Fever symptoms are responsible for ruined exams and the lives of millions in glorious weather.


Oral Allergy Syndrome

Tingling lips and mouth, oral burning, soreness - not a life sentence.


Perennial (allergic) Rhinitis

Can be caused by dust mites, food intolerance or even chemical sensitivity.


Pet Allergy - Allergies to Dogs & Cats

Itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing and wheezing treatable symptoms of dog and cat allergy


Urticaria (hives)

Can be a local or generalised blotchy rash accompanied by skin irritation.


Wasp & Bee Sting Allergy

From localised swelling and redness to life-threatening symptoms, advice and treatment