Sugary drinks increase risk of obesity in children & adults

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Sugary Drinks Increase the Risk of Obesity in Children and Adults

Author : Dr. Apelles Econs
Related Conditions : Babies and Children's problems , Obesity

The New England Journal of Medicine 2012 wrote that more randomised clinical trials have confirmed the link between obesity and "soft" drinks. It is widely accepted that obese children are more likely to grow up to become obese adults, with all the associated risks for serious conditions including diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and cancer.

For decades food companies have been promoting as "healthy" drinks whose average content of sugar is 30%.

In my practice, I see sugar being a frequently overlooked danger amongst the young ones, a causal factor in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in fatigue-related syndromes, anxiety and stress and in many bowel problems including irritable bowel. 

A growing number of people seem to have a slowly developing intolerance to sugar, including fructose.

Another cautionary note about the lactose in ordinary (cow's) milk: you can tell the difference between a bottle- and a breast-fed baby, by comparing their appearance. The former group is often overweight, has a tendency for skin and digestive symptoms, in spite of giving the impression of "thriving". The early presence of sugar in the milk is the beginning of a subliminal development of taste for sweet things, which frequently lasts a life time.

 Some of our clients are surprised to hear that a few european countries have started taxing sugary foods at the same rate they tax tobacco cigarettes (25%)!! This is because, after many years of suspicion, it has been recognised that sugar fosters a tendency for various types of ill health, increased need for medical care and a risk of a shortened life span.

As an alternative, Xylitol, it is derived from birch wood, is an interesting form of sugar and only a fraction of it is absorbed into the circulation.


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