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Return of the Hay Fever Symptoms Season!

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Hay Fever

20 days until the first day of Spring!  Wednesday 20th March.  Spring brings increasing daylight, warmer temperatures, buds and blooms - how good is that to look forward to!  It is my favourite time of the year, signs of daffodils and budding trees, new leaves and birdsong.

However, for many hay fever sufferers, there is a sense of dread.  Reminders of itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose and boxes of tissues.

The cause of hay fever symptoms is due to the pollen being released into the air.  As the air warms up the pollen rises and then as the air cools again the pollen comes back down. Hence, symptoms are often worse in the early morning and the evening.

Not all hay fever sufferers have symptoms at the same time of the year, this is because you can react to different pollens, early trees, grasses, late trees and so on.  If you have symptoms during November to January, then you may have an allergy to other allergens such as house dust mites or pet dander, as plants do not release pollen in the winter months.

Tips you may find useful during the pollen season :

Use air filters in your bedroom for at least an hour or so before you sleep and keep the windows closed to reduce the pollen in the air

Drive with your car windows closed

Don't go walking in fields and across grassland

Get someone else to cut the grass while you stay indoors with the windows shut!

Being near the coast is more comfortable, if the wind is blowing off the sea

Rain washes the pollen out of the air, so rainy days are often more tolerable

Cloudy, cool days are often better for hay fever sufferers

However, desensitisation is an easy and successful form of treatment that we offer at Allergy Medical UK for hay fever.  We can identify the cause of your allergy symptoms, set up a treatment plan and help you enjoy spring and summer once again!


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