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Quote of the week - British Medical Journal 2012, 344

Author : Dr. Apelles Econs

"Encouraging patients to choose whole grains such as brown rice is certainly warranted. However, if we are going to rescue the Asian population from a mounting epidemic, of chronic lifestyle diseases, then the bulk of our efforts must be focused on removing the cause - the toxic Western Diet".  Michael A. Kadock MD, Physician, Mount Sinai Medical Centre, New York.

Dr Econs' comment: This is one of many statements, made by colleagues gravely concerned about the overwhelming effects diet has on human health.

What is refreshing is that quotes like this are now regularly appearing in medical journals, not just health sections of tabloid press or women's magazines.  In our experience, due to the lack of professional guidance, many common medical problems such as hypertension, raised cholesterol, obesity, gastrointestinal complaints, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, eczema, types of asthma and more, are viewed as "chronic" and are treated with long term medications. Whilst this policy offers an apparently expedient control of various symptoms, in the long term, evidence shows that it burdens a person's immune system and the capacity of the body and its 100 trillion cells to detoxify.

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