Peanut Allergy Breakthrough

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Peanut Allergy Breakthrough

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Anaphylaxis (Nut Allergy)

It was announced this week that British researchers have carried out a successful trial on 85 children aged 7 to 16 years who have an immediate and life threatening allergy to peanuts on ingestion and who have had positive skin prick tests.

The purpose of the study was to see if peanut oral immunotherapy (OIT) might be effective in the treatment of peanut allergy.  By gradually increasing the amount of peanut flour the children were given, they were gradually desensitised.  After six months they were able eat the equivalent of 5 peanuts a day.

Desensitisation is a very successful form of treatment for many allergies such as inhalant, food and chemicals.  It is a method of treatment that is used frequently in our clinics with positive results.


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