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Is Your Perfume Affecting Your Health?

Author : Hazel Econs
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Have you noticed, particularly at this seasonal time of the year, how strong is the scent wafting from shops?  It seems everyone is selling scented candles and their perfume, although lovely, is very strong.  

Have you tried to buy unscented bin liners recently?  I have, for our clinics as we avoid using chemicals, it seems impossible to buy any that are not vanilla or lemon scented!

There are plug in air-fresheners to ensure our homes have a welcoming scent of orange and cinnamon or cotton fresh, scented loo rolls, car air fresheners.  We have an abundance of 'flavours' of shampoos, moisturisers, shower cremes, deodorants and of course an array of sweet, spicy, oriental, woody or fruity perfumes.   Scented washing powder, perfumed fabric conditioners.

Even the Belgian postal service is to launch a range of stamps that taste and smell of chocolate, to celebrate the country's assocation with luxury brands!

We are surrounded by a plethora of perfumes and scents.  As lovely as that may be for some of us,  for many people coming into contact with these items are causing them health problems such as asthma and migraines.  Or for others dermatitis or eczema caused by skin contact with perfumes, scent wet wipes and so on.  Some people suffer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Along with other types of allergies, allergies to chemicals are on the increase, as are the number of perfumed products.  One leading expert suggests that nearly a third of people suffer adverse health effects from being exposed to perfume and scents.  This subject was discussed on Radio 4 You & Yours programme on the 22/11/12.


  • Wear a mini ioniser when in situations where it is impossible to avoid smells you react to
  • Avoid scented soaps, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants and other products
  • We can help with allergy testing to identify culprits and desensitise you.



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