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Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Hay Fever

Tree blossom, spring flowers, bluebells, birdsong and lawn mowers all herald the arrival of Spring.  This is my favourite time of year, I welcome all those sights and sounds, but for some it is the beginning of a miserable few weeks or even months.  Hay Fever!

For non-sufferers we may think it is a few days of bouts of sneezing and a box or two of tissues.  The reality for many is frequent sneezing, watering eyes, itchy throat and for extreme sufferers, serious asthma attacks.  Imagine being unable to go out into the garden, talk a country walk and enjoy this beautiful time of year!  Many sufferers cannot go outside during the pollen season.

The CountryFile programme on BBC1 on the 26th April, shared at some length how the Spring and Summer can be ruined for hay fever sufferers.   The commonly used treatment is antihistamines and/or inhalers.  However, I was delighted to see that the programme discussed the form of treatment called Immunotherapy.  This is when a small amount of the allergen is injected under the skin to build up ones own body defences.  Immunotherapy is available on the NHS in a few hospitals, but this is mainly only for very seriously affected people.

The results of Immunotherapy are really encouraging.  It is available at our clinics and many sufferers have seen excellent results.  We have two different forms of the treatment.  One requires two or three injections before the hay fever symptoms begins, the other can be used any time and is self-administered, once the appropriate dose (end-point) has been ascertained.

Don't suffer another miserable spring or summer, at least look into the option of using Immunotherapy - patients testify it is life-changing.

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