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How Safe are Mobile Phones?

Author : Dr Apelles Econs

We take modern technology for granted, laptops, iPad’s, mobile phones, cordless phones.  They certainly have their benefits and we couldn’t imagine life without them, but do we know the consequences of using them long term?

Dr. Econs recently attended a Conference organized by the BSEM (British Society of Environmental Medicine) on the topic of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) and Human Health.   This conference was a real wake-up call to the effects of radiation in day to day life, much of which comes from these type of devices.  The most common sources of low level radiations are mobile phones, cell phone masts, wi-fi cordless phones, laptops and multiple electric cables.

The effects of the electro-magnetic frequencies are diverse and often unpredictable, taking a long time to manifest themselves.  The most common ones include fatigue, low mood, headaches, brain fog but any organ or system of the human body can be affected.  

Some frequencies are more harmful in lower levels, others can harm in combination with stronger ones or when they affect susceptible individuals, i.e. with an already compromised immune system.  Extreme examples of cell damage include leukemia in children living near electric pylons and carcinogenesis, including brain tumours.  

You may remember there was once a “party trick” when four mobile phones were placed facing each other like a cross on a table and were set to phone their opposite number simultaneously.   They made a piece of sweetcorn left in the middle, go “pop”, exactly as it would if put in a hot pan!  So what does using a mobile phone do to our brain?

Frequent exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can, over time, alter the way the human body functions and adapts.  Some experts now view these low level radiations as “the most pressing threat to human life”, ahead of chemical pollutants and the green-house effect.  The issue is still considered controversial because there is strong resistance from related industries, governments and some health experts to accept the results as conclusive.  However the results of decades of scientific studies carry a strong message.

Basic preventative measures recommended by experts in this field include :

•    Minimise the use of cordless phones at home and work place
    •    Minimise harmful frequencies by using your mobile on loud mode or with its ear pieces
    •    Use protective sheets over cables
    •    Measure harmful frequencies – minimize their sources including spot lights, multiple electric cables and electrical appliances left in a stand-by position
    •    Minimise close work with laptops and flat screen computers
    •    Use Ethernet in preference to wi-fi
    •    Increase the use of foods high in anti-oxidants, mainly vegetables, from the recommended 5 a day to 7-10 a day.





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