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Health Initiatives For Benefit of Patients Blocked

Author : Dr Econs

For all those who believe that the current health regulatory system is objective, purely "scientific" and serves the health priorities of the individual, well, listen to what an eminent Oncologist (Prof Angus Dalgleish of the Imperial College, London) has to say on BBC News-night  (minutes 28.00 - 31.54 - need to paste link on your browser)

Dr Econs' comment: This will come as no surprise to all those who have observed how the NHS system works, based on so-called "evidence", ie documentation of clinical trials, purely designed to assess the efficacy of one medication against placebo in a group of patients with only one medical condition. It does not take a great intellect to work out that such studies only assess medications designed to suppress a specific symptoms, rather than to work out the pathophysiological mechanisms, which could lead to causal factors being identified and managed more efficiently. This is left to very few academic centres, mainly working on epidemiological studies, which take very long time, decades, before they are accepted as "factual evidence" in Medicine.

In my view, this is precisely the reason why the NHS is facing ever increasing costs of delivering its care: its methods are frequently based on flawed "evidence" and the objectives are fixed on "reactive" rather than preventative interventions.

By the way, did you notice what Prof Dalgleish wanted to do, but was stopped?

The tailor-made vaccine to attack cancer cells he talked about is now becoming a reality: lymphocytes from the cancer-patient or from a donor, are nurtured and infused in a form of immunotherapy, to destroy cancer cells. It is not a coincidence that many so-called auto-immune disorders, such as colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gluten-related problems and others have a higher incidence for cancer later on in life and shortened life expectancy.

President Nixon once remarked: "it is the Economy, stupid!"  A version of this, on matters of Health: "it is the lymphocytes,..............!"


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