Hay Fever Seriously Affects Exam Results

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Hay Fever Seriously Affects Exam Results

Author : Dr. Apelles Econs
Related Conditions : Hay Fever

Weather experts are able to predict weather patterns with increasing accuracy.  They are also able to predict the increasing trend for extreme weather conditions, such as the unusually prolonged and heavy rainfall, particularly in the South and South West of the UK this winter.

Despite the rain, so far this year the winter has been very mild.  This means that the Spring is likely to start earlier than usual and with it, an early pollen season.

Although we are warned in advance, the reality of the effects of the pollen season hits a lot of people who are poorly prepared.  Among them many teenagers and young adult students, who have to revise and take exams during the height of the season when they feel at their worst.

For the effects of pollen allergy on students exam performance read this remarkable study from 2010.  http://www.expert-reviews.com/doi/pdf/10.1586/ers.10.45

On the Hay Fever page of our website there are some smart, preventative solutions worth considering, more effective and long-lasting than anti-histamines and nasal sprays for many sufferers.


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