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Hair Dyes can be Dangerous!

Author : Hazel Econs
Related Conditions : Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Since 2011 the deaths of two British women have been linked to the use of hair dyes.  A dermatologist at a leading London hospital has called for clear warnings to be placed on the front of hair dye packaging.

Frequently used hair dyes, available over the counter, contain chemicals that can cause serious allergic reactions.  36 chemicals that could potentially cause serious allergic reactions have been identified.  The European Commission estimates that between 1:50 to 1:100 people who use hair dyes suffer from an allergic reaction at some time.

In 2011 a mother from Keighley, West Yorkshire, where one our Allergy Medical UK’s clinics is based, suffered breathing problems while having her hair dyed.  She was taken to hospital where she suffered heart failure and brain damage, then after being in a coma for a year, she died.  In the same year in Lanarkshire a 17 year old died in hospital having collapsed after having her hair coloured.

Personal injury lawyers say that recently there has been a massive increase in the number of cases related to hair dyes.    

Although fatal cases are comparatively rare, what a waste of life for such a simple thing!  We are overloading our environment and our bodies with chemicals that result in more and more people suffering the consequences of debilitating illnesses and limitations in their lifestyle due to needing to avoid these dangerous substances, this is known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Beware!  There are many non-toxic cleaning products, perfumes, shampoos and so on available, it would be wise to use them rather than damage our health and planet.


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