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Author : Dr Econs


Public Health England has told the BBC that the flu-vaccine prepared for this year has barely been effective.  Only 1 in 3 people have benefited from it statistics show.  See the article here :

BBC news article flu vaccine

Dr Econs’ comment on this article is :

This piece of new is no surprise, given the previous extensive study carried out by the National Center of Infectious Diseases, Minnesota, USA, which was published in 2013, indicating that extensive immunisation programmes against flu failed to protect individuals susceptible to infections, the elderly and those with serious chronic condition and only managed to reduce absence from work due to illness of half a day, for every 33-90 people treated with annual doses of the combined vaccines.

In other words: a waste of resources….

Prediction: the considerable costs involved are likely to be re-directed to more important priorities and start relying of some better (and less costly) methods such as taking regularly probiotics and zinc supplements.


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