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Children Entangled in the Web

Author : Hazel Econs

According to Government health advisers, there is a clear relationship between the amount of time spent on Facebook, social media and the internet and mental illness, particularly in children.

Surprisingly, and sadly, it is reported that one in ten children now has mental health issues and a third of teenagers feel "low, sad or down" at least once a week.

The concern is particularly when children spend more than 4 hours in front of a screen playing games, watching TV, social media or simply surfing the web.  There are increased chances they will suffer social problems such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem as well as higher chances of aggression.

Let's get our youngsters back outside playing games, doing sports, socialising face to face with friends instead of by text, FaceTime or FaceBook and Look Up instead of down, at screens.


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