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Allergies Challenge to Global Health

Author : Hazel Econs
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8,000 experts from all over the world are meeting this week in Milan (22 - 26th June 2013) to discuss the growing problem of allergies.  

Allergies have become a major challenge to global health with the number of people suffering from allergies and asthma growing faster than ever before. An extraordinary 250,000,000 people are estimated to suffer from food allergies!  In developed countries, 1:5 people suffer with either an allergy or asthma.  The greatest increase is in children. 1:4 school age children in Europe have an allergy.

Interestingly, new findings will presented at the World Allergy & Asthma Congress in Milan this week, proving that food allergies are not acquired after birth but children are born with allergies as a result of the living conditions and nutrition of their mothers during pregnancy.  There is also a clear correlation between increasing wealth and standard of living and allergies and asthma.

Professor Pawankar, President of the World Allergy Organisation and also Congress President, said: "With the increasing severity and complexity of allergic diseases as societies become affluent and especially in children, the major need lies in finding out at what stage allergies and asthma are acquired and how these diseases can be prevented.  This is especially so as an increasing number of people are already born with a predisposition despite generally better living conditions."

The prevalence and cost of allergy are contnually growing and increasing the burden worldwide on medical resources.


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