Making an appointment

  • Patients are frequently referred to us by their GP, however, it is not mandatory to have a doctor’s referral to visit our clinics. Nevertheless, a GP’s referral is always helpful.
  • A GP referral does not automatically mean that the consultation is funded by the NHS; funding has to be approved by the local Primary Care Trust. This is usually only available to patients who have previously been seen within the NHS without a satisfactory outcome.
  • Although a face-to-face consultation is preferable for both parties, for clients who live a long distance from the clinics, or who are unable to attend due to ill health, we can arrange a Skype or telephone consultation.
  • Once an initial consultation has been booked a medical questionnaire will be sent by email or post for completion. We ask that this is returned to us before the appointment with the Medical Director, along with any relevant test results.
  • The initial consultation is approximately one hour.
  • If you are taking anti-histamines, we do ask you, if possible, to stop taking them for 48 hours prior to your appointment as this can affect the results of any skin tests.  If stopping them is likely to cause the recurrence of any serious symptoms, it is advisable to continue taking them and mention this to the Specialist during your visit.  Nasal spays do not need to be stopped.
  • We see and treat all age groups, including children.
  • Your personal details will, under no circumstances, be passed on to any third party without your permission. Personal records are data protected.

 See also: What Does The Initial Appointment Involve, and Investigations Available At Our Clinics.

Make ppointment with doctor