. Surrey
Oxford Yorkshire
Initial consultation : £245.00 £245.00 £200.00
Follow up consultation : £125.00 £125.00 £100.00
Skin prick tests : £85.00 £85.00 £80.00
Desensitisation : £150.00 £150.00 £150.00
Neutralisation (per 2.5hr session) : £110.00 £110.00 £100.00

*All other prices are available on request.

Telephone and email enquiries requiring our Specialist to review clinical notes in order to offer medical advice, a professional fee will be charged at £200 per hour pro rata, with a minimum charge of £35.00.

Please note: The clinic reserves the right to alter its fee structure without prior notice.

If you wish to obtain funding of your treatment under the NHS you will need a formal referral by your GP and approval by the local Primary Care Trust prior to your appointment.

It is not the role of the Clinic to persuade other health professionals to make formal referrals or to engage in medico-legal disputes.

Credit/debit card details are taken in advance and only used after the consultation, unless insufficient notice is given for cancellation of appointment when a cancellation fee will be charged automatically.  The cancellation charge is 50% of the consultation fee.  In the event of late or non-payment, we reserve the right to charge a collection fee of 30% of the balance outstanding.

It is the patient's responsibility to ensure their health insurance policy will cover the costs of any treatment prior to the first appointment.



Credit or Debit Card payments