Our Team


Dr. Apelles Econs MRCS, LRCP

Medical Director

Dr Econs studied Medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, where he obtained his medical degree in 1976. After a number of hospital appointments he entered General Practice in Walton-on-Thames in 1979. As keen volleyball player, he represented the discipline in the British Olympic Association Medical Subcommittee until 1994, held a number of other honorary appointments and served in the committee of the newly incepted local NHS Primary Care Group.

His interest in diet and other environmental factors affecting human health was sparked in the early eighties when two of his patients with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue claimed they were "cured" by means of simple dietary changes recommended separately by two of his colleagues. This lead him to research the area of environmental influences on human health; he learnt, developed and applied in his NHS practice some of the methods used in Clinical Allergy along with services offering preventative and nutritional measures for asthma, eczema, hay fever and other common medical problems, some not obviously associated with immune dysfunction.

In the mid-eighties he became a member of the British Society of Ecological Medicine (BSEM) then known as Brit Soc of Allergy Environmental & Nutritional Medicine and he incorporated safe methods of desensitisation for allergies, not responding to popular medications. This society is affiliated to the Institute of Biology, runs a two year post-graduate modular course and some of its members are recognised by the General Medical Council as medical specialists.

For years, respiratory allergy, paediatric, ear/nose & throat and gastro-intestinal problems were treated with advice on diet and other life style changes, which resulted in a significant reduction of referrals to hospital departments and a reduction of long-term prescriptions such as analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, inhaled steroids and ulcer-healing drugs. On the basis of this model, he has advocated that substantial savings can be made for the local and national health economy, if these were to adopt methodology, involving an environmentally oriented approach for many chronic medical conditions, instead of focusing on the current symptom-control.

Since 1992 his practice has supported people suffering with various types of allergy and other immune problems. He retired from his NHS practice in 2001 to take over two independent clinics in Yorkshire and Oxford due to the retirement of colleagues specialising in the same field, while continuing to operate from premises in Weybridge, Surrey.   In October 2013 he took over The Burghwood Clinic and amalgamated it with the Weybridge clinic which he moved to Banstead. 

Through the years, he has participated in a number of clinical trials, lectured in post-graduate centres and has contributed to medical journals, popular magazines and radio programmes on topics varying from food intolerance in obesity to the role of volatile organic compounds in human health.

Dr Econs is one of the Medical Advisers for the MCS Aware, a charity who offer a helpline for those whose health is affected by chemical emissions in the environment. www.mcs-aware.org

Dr. Econs is frequently asked to participate in various phone in programmes on radio stations concerning allergies and health matters.  He has taken part in Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies and Food Hospital programmes.  

A Care

Dr Ailsa Care MBChB, MRCGP

Associate Consultant - Allergy & Nutrition

Dr Care graduated at Leeds University Medical School in 1989. She is an experienced GP having worked in Huddersfield for over 20 years.

Her interest in Allergy and Environmental Medicine started after having some personal health problems which were not solved with conventional medical methods of investigations and treatment . With the help of a colleague/specialist in this field, she recovered and decided to know more about the methods of diagnosis and treatment used in this approach to medical conditions, which is focused on finding and dealing with the very factors causing ill health; she started her training and adopted similar methods in her own NHS practice, sometimes, with spectacular results. She has trained in Allergy and environmental influences on human health and has been a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine since 2012. This is a medical society, dedicated in the promotion of these principles amongst the medical profession and their use for the benefit of patients.

She lives in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, with her husband, two children, two dogs and 6 chickens. She keeps fit with indoor and out door climbing.

Dr Care is available for consultations at the Airedale Allergy Centre, on Thursdays.


Hazel Econs

Communications & Marketing Director

Hazel, as head of Finance and Personnel, has experience as a Practice Manager in both the NHS and private care since 1992. Her experience across a demanding range of business disciplines, underpins the administration of all the clinics within Allergy Medical UK.

Hazel's accountabilities include the management of cash flow and company resource planning, ensuring that capital investment matches the ever increasing demands of health care regulators, with the practical daily requirements of staff and patients. In addition, she monitors the demands of the centre's clinicians and doctors who rightly expect the highest standards.

Hazel vigorously exercises commitment to employee satisfaction and loyalty, qualities amply demonstrated by the long service records of staff members. They in turn, respect the high standards Hazel demands, recognising that her authority is well founded on personal experience and hard won reputation. Nurturing the well being of everyone is a refined art that requires both empathy and firmness for which Hazel is well known.

Hazel has two married sons, Alex and James, who are similarly forging their own links with destiny and in their unique ways benefit from her intrinsic self discipline and industriousness.  She loves spending time with her two little grandchildren who live in Copenhagen.  She enjoys being part of a thriving church family, gardening, homemaking, reading and theatre. Often seen around town with her Cocker Spaniel, Muffin, Hazel as busy as its possible to be, always makes time for others and enjoys opportunities to help wherever she can.

Ky 3

Ky Clarke

Allergy Nurse

Ky is one of our nurses at Airedale Allergy Centre. Many of our patients are fond of Ky as she shows empathy and understanding for the many issues related to suffering with allergies and intolerances.  That is particularly true as she has had personal experience of following and enjoying the benefits of the dietary advice offered at the clinic.

Her past experience has been as a nurse and staff nurse in hospital medicine and as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company, as well as 5 years as a practice nurse in a GP practice.  Ky has been with Allergy Medical UK since 2009 and says, "I have seen many patients benefit from the specialist knowledge of Dr. Econs".

She is a dedicated Snowy Owl for her local Brownies and has seen her two daughters develop into keen young leaders.  Ky frequently entertains us with stories of her time at Brownie camp and the antics the children, and leaders, get up to!

Her interests are her family, dog walking with Minnie, music and fair weather camping with her family.

Donna P

Donna Paxford

Clinic Administrator

Donna’s role in the Airedale Allergy Centre is to provide administrative support to the doctors and nurses, making sure all aspects of the clinic run like clockwork and with the height of efficiency.
Donna worked for 20 years for the NHS in contraception and sexual health, so her experience with patients, knowing how important it is to show empathy and understanding when patients have concerns about their health, is an asset we appreciate in our clinics.

The outdoor life, being by the sea collecting shells, cockles and crabs, camping and good family time is when Donna is at her happiest.

Married with two daughters and a cat, she’s a hands-on mum.  Donna has become skilled at costume making for school events, being very creative with salt dough harvest displays, papier mache solar system and a completely edible chocolate river scene from Willy Wonka.  This busy working mum is also a leader at Messy Church, arts, crafts, fun and fellowship for local school children with a biblical theme.


Rachel Cook


Rachel's friendly expertise is both welcoming and reassuring for visitors to the Banstead clinic as her cheery smile puts everyone at their ease. For more than 15 years she has helped our clinics develop into a well rounded patient care operation.

Rachel's accountabilities include the provision of administration support and attendance guidance for existing and prospective clients. In addition she books clinic appointments and manages communications between patients and clinical personnel.

Married with two daughters, Rachel shares her youngest daughter's keen interest in ballet and she also is closely involved in the chaperoning and mentoring of youngsters in her care.