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Airedale Allergy Centre - 01535 603966

Established by Dr J Maberly in 1985 as the only purpose built, environmental unit in Europe, with in-patients' facility.  Many patients with chronic conditions were treated there, often funded by various health authorities as extra-contractual referrals.  Re-structuring of the NHS in 1998 brought on the closure of this facility but it has continued as an out-patient clinic under the medical directorship of Dr. Econs since Dr Maberly's retirement in 2001.

This clinic operates with experienced, dedicated staff including an allergy nurse and an administrator. The staff are skilled in intravenous nutritional infusions, intracutaneous testing and in dealing with dietetic matters.

Oxford Allergy Centre - 01737 361177

The Oxford Allergy Centre was first established in the late 1980's by Dr. Peter Fell MD, a local General Practitioner and a lecturer in Immunology.

Following Dr Fell's retirement in 2001, Dr Econs became its Clinical Director.  Dr. Dee Marshall now sees patients at the Oxford clinic, in close collaboration with Dr. Econs.  The Centre operates from Raleigh Park Clinic, used by doctors and some health practitioners. The Clinic is located in Botley, near the Ring Road (A34) and is open one Thursday a month 10.30 a.m. -16.30 p.m. There is ample car parking space. Many local GP's and some hospital specialists from Oxford and neighbouring counties have for years been recommending our services to their patients.  The Centre is known to local press and radio stations for its interest in dealing with factors in the environment, affecting human health.

Thames Allergy Centre - 01737 361177

This Clinic was established by Dr Econs in 1994 and has had consulting rooms in Weybridge for the past 20 years.

In October 2013 Dr. Econs took over as Medical Director of The Burghwood Clinic in Banstead.  The Clinic has a long standing reputation as a centre of excellence for the investigation and treatment of allergies, immune problems and many other "challenging" conditions.  As The Burghwood Clinic is only about 40 minutes from Weybridge, it was decided to amalgamate Thames Allergy Centre  with The Burghwood Clinic, following the refurbishment of the Banstead premises, in March 2014.

To reach The Burghwood Clinic come off Junction 8 of the M25 and take A217 towards Sutton.



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Oxford Allergy Centre

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